I do front-end development and am currently focusing on Discourse customizations.

I provide help to Discourse users in the official community forum and own 2 Discourse forums.

Here are the works I’ve completed, most of them being from #marketplace:
(note that I’m not a designer; I only apply customizations following precise guidelines)

Forum repair by fixing various issues:

@canapin was able to get this fixed for me. Thank you.

Plugin modification:

Thanks to @canapin for his excellent work, great communication, and quick turn-around. Anyone is free to use this. It looks just like the graphic in my original post.

Custom header with javascript to match an associated website:

This work is now completed. @canapin did a great job! The header came out perfect and everyone in our organization is very happy with the outcome.

Design customization to match an associated WordPress website:

@canapin has completed this job successfully with exceptional results available to view at forum.bloodcancer.org.uk

Content and configuration help:

@canapin has been able to perfectly do the work we could pay for, plus other unlisted minor tasks.

He even did it very quickly.

Some listed tasks haven’t been done since we didn’t have the budget for them.

Thank you!

Issues fixed by rails scripts:

Awesome. Glad to work with you again!

Design customization and custom header:

Thanks canapin!

Canapin was a pleasure to work with for anyone seeing this in the future. Super responsive and quick to implement and followed instructions extremely well.

Header and banner customization:

@canapin completed this for me and did a great job!

Embedded topics list customization following strict design guidelines.

Custom menu header (not in #marketplace):